Familiar objects with the hermes experiment

Familiar Objects: a sequence of 12 poems by Ali Lewis with semi-improvised music by The Hermes Experiment

Commissioned by New Dots for Lexicon. Photography: Cathy Pyle

This collaborative piece combines my poems with semi-improved music by The Hermes Experiment. 

Each of the 12 short poems is inspired by, anthropomorphises, or converses with an everyday object that is ordinarily overlooked. I wanted to explore how we use objects to understand and tell stories about ourselves, how we use human personalities to give meaning to objects, and how we negotiate agency with objects that influence us as much as we influence them. 

The three sections of the piece, which are also musically distinct, are loosely concerned with these three ideas respectively. More obviously, though, each section addresses a distinct set of objects. 

In October 2016, I met The Hermes Experiment to rehearse and to assign musical ideas to the poems. This performance was semi-improvised on the basis of those rehearsals.